We promote, support and represent social enterprises, social impact businesses and social entrepreneurs in Fife.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is a more ethical, dynamic and independent way to do business. Social entrepreneurs are usually driven by an overriding passion to improve the world in which we live. It may be a national business, set up to help tackle poverty. It may be a café set up by a group of friends to bring people together in a broken community or it may be an individual that realises the need for art and culture to be brought to their village.

If there is a problem in your community and you have an idea how it could be solved, or just something you see that could be improved, then you are on your way to becoming a Social Entrepreneur.

With a Social Enterprise, after expenses and wages (including yours!) have been deducted, any profits are ploughed back in to the business, allowing it to grow from strength to strength. Imagine if all businesses were run that way?


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