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Evaluation Support Scotland - Telling the Story:Analysing and Reporting

Make the most of all the evidence you have gathered and learn how to analyse and use it to tell your story! This energising workshop will empower you to improve your project delivery and reporting on outcomes to funders and stakeholders.


This informative workshop investigates how to pull together evidence and make sense of it, even though it might be coming from different places and consists of different types of data!

You will gain the latest understanding of best practice in reporting and explore what a positive funder relationship looks like.

Using evaluation for learning is just as important as using it to provide outcome evidence for your funders and this workshop examines how your evaluation practice can achieve both of these and more.

At this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Analyse information collected to evidence the achievement of your project outcomes 

  • Report on the achievement of project outcomes to funders and stakeholders

  • Learn from the analysis to improve project delivery