funding sources for your Enterprises.

(Only a summary, please consult the funder for full details). They are in no order.

Fife Council has teamed up with SCVO's Funding Scotland to provide an advanced on-line funding search to help you find funding for your charity, community group or social enterprise. In addition Fife Voluntary Action have a dedicated page for searching for grants.

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Fife Council

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Business Funds

  •  Fife Investment Fund

This Fife Council fund can help support and encourage small companies in Fife to invest and grow their business.

Businesses must be able to demonstrate that the project they wish to undertake will lead to sales growth and increased employability in Fife. The fund amount is up to 50% or £5,000 whichever is the lesser of the project. The fund is a fully repayable grant which means any amounts awarded have to be repaid in full over an agreed period. In exceptional circumstances small funds may be available to develop a mixture of repayable and straight grant funded support.

  • Business Loans Scotland

Business Loans Scotland offers gap funding up to a maximum of £100k to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within our geographic area of operation where public sector funding (including Business Loans Scotland’s contribution), would not exceed 50% of the total funding package.

  • Start & Grow

Start & Grow offers investment packages of between £10,000 and £60,000 to social enterprises, community organisations and charities to start-up, develop and expand their enterprising activities.  Start & Grow investments are always made up of one third grant and two thirds loan. Loans are repayable over up to five years (flexible terms can be agreed) and are charged at a fixed interest rate of base rate (currently 0.5%) plus 6%.

Investments can be used for both revenue and capital costs (including set-up costs).  Your application must demonstrate that, as a result of our investment, your business will make a difference in the community in which you work, whilst meeting the charitable objects of Resilient Scotland.

Why should I choose Start & Grow?

Provides flexible, unsecured investment that allows your business to grow.

One third grant makes the whole investment more affordable; Simple application process; No arrangement fee


  • Opportunities Fife - Fife Job Contract (FJC) – Funding and Support

Fife Job Contract (FJC) – Funding to Support Unemployed Youths and Adults

Opportunities Fife, on behalf of Fife Council are looking to provide funding and support for unemployed youth and adults in Fife through working with employers and partners to create additional opportunities. Funding is in the region of £2M and will run from November 2014 to March 2017.

There is a range of criteria that must be met for both potential candidates and employers – for example:

  • Clients must be unemployed or at risk of not achieving a positive destination and not on the DWP Work Programme.

  • Jobs should be additional.

  • Jobs should be sustainable following funded period.

  • Funding will be reimbursed at up to £NMW/hr per typical 25 - 36 hr week.

  • All employers requesting funding must complete and submit a FJC Business Case Template for approval prior to any appointment.

  • Clients must have an action/sustainability plan to support gaining and sustaining employment.

In the first instance, all initial enquiries should be made to: Grant Leaburn – FJC Programme Manager, Lead Officer, Employability & Skills .Tel: 03451 55 55 55 ext 406723; E-mail:


  • Get Better Connected

The Government has made a commitment to provide every home and business in the UK with access to a basic broadband service so that browsing the web and keeping in touch with families and friends is easier. A subsidised broadband installation is now available if you cannot access an affordable broadband service with a speed of at least 2 Mb per second.

You can check what broadband services are already available to you using the GoSuperfast checker and what your current broadband speed is, using the ADSL availability checker. If, after making these checks, you believe your speed is less than 2 Mb per second and you have no other options available enter your postcode below to find out how to apply for help. Taking out a broadband service under this Scheme will not prevent your premises from being considered for superfast broadband in the future.


  • Circular Investment Fund

The Circular Economy investment Fund seeks to support work that will help deliver circular economy growth.

A circular economy is one that’s sustainable, and as much as possible eliminates waste.  It’s an alternative to our current ‘take, make, dispose’ approach and means that products and materials are kept in a high-value state of use for as long as possible. This fund comprises support from the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund.


  • Culture & Business Fund Scotland

A new Culture & Business Fund Scotland brings creative projects – large and small – vividly to life. The CBFS has a clear set of aims to:

  • encourage businesses to sponsor arts and heritage activity within Scotland for the first time;

  • entice back businesses that have not sponsored the arts or heritage in Scotland within the previous two years;

  • support arts and heritage organisations to build new business sector partnerships;

  • attract non-Scottish based companies to sponsor arts and heritage activities

  • in Scotland; and

  • encourage businesses to sponsor arts and heritage activity within Scotland with a two and three year commitment.

If an arts or heritage organisation attracts an eligible business to sponsor an aspect of their work, the Culture & Business Fund Scotland will match that sponsorship, £ for £. Remember that both in-kind and cash sponsorship are eligible, but must come from the sponsor’s own funds, goods or services.

An arts or heritage organisation can apply for match funding up to the value of £40,000 in any one financial year (running from 1 April to 31 March). Applicants can apply for more than one grant in the year with the same or a different business sponsor, providing the total sum awarded is £40,000 or under.


  • By Design Grant

Our By Design grant can contribute between £2,000 and £5,000 to help you design new products or services or to help you improve the design of existing ones. What can it be used for?

This grant can be used to support the design of a new product or service, including:

  • Sampling or Minimal Viable Product Design

  • Service design or manufacture ready design

  • Formulation trials and focus groups

  • Recipe development

  • Packaging, prototyping or tooling

Branding can be covered by the grant but must be part of a bigger innovation project with other design costs in the application. Designing a website can be included, as long as the website is part of the bigger innovation project and web design costs do not exceed 10% of the total eligible project costs.

  • Workplace innovation fund

The fund can contribute up to £5,000 towards activities that will allow your business to introduce new and innovative workplace practices which contribute to improving people-centred change in your business. The Fund will support projects centred on at least two out of the three following themes: People, Place, and Practice. To be eligible for this fund, you must have a Business Gateway adviser and have an ambition to increase turnover by £200,000 over a three year period. Companies must also be able to fund any projects upfront before claiming costs.


Fife Grants

  • Local Community Planning Budget


Projects requiring funding from the Local Community Planning Budget should meet some of the priorities of your local area’s community plan Local Community Plans.  There are individual plans for each area once you click on “Local Community Plans” link then scroll to the bottom of the page “related publications”.

The types of projects we will be looking to support are for example:

  • Take a pride in your community;

  • Improvements to community facilities;

  • Community Events;

  • Employability Initiatives;

  • Vulnerable or disadvantaged groups in a community

Links to Fairer Fife Commission Initiatives Fairer Fife Commission

  • Special Projects Scheme

The scheme aims to make one-off grants to voluntary organisations whose work complements the work of Social Work Services. Particular attention will be given to groups operating within priority areas or serving priority groups within the terms of Fife Council Policies. Groups who address equal opportunities issues will also be looked on favourably.

Special projects will have no upper limit - however, only in exceptional circumstances will awards in excess of £2,000 be approved. Grants are only available to groups involved in the field of social welfare.  Further information available from: Chris Campbell Tel: 03451 555555 Ext: 445980. E-mail:

  • Youth Work Grants

Fife Council’s Community Youth Work Grants Scheme offers assistance through three schemes:

  • Youth Work Project Grant

  • International Youth Experience Grant

  • Youth Work Volunteering Training Grant


  • Youth Work Project Grant

This grant is to support new and innovative pieces of work with young people. Applicants are invited from constituted voluntary organisations who wish to develop new or experimental projects with young people. The target age group for this grant is young people aged 12 to 21 years and the grant will be 50% of the project cost up to a maximum of £500.

Eligible costs include hall rental, volunteer expenses, research work, the cost of specialist staff and equipment (will only be paid following receipt of invoices showing purchase). Grants will not be given to cover the cost of administration or for general staffing. Applicants from organisations who can demonstrate the involvement of young people in the project development will receive priority. Organisations are also encouraged to apply for funding from other sources.

  • International Youth Experience Grant

This grant supports both voluntary organisations and individuals involved in youth work with an international focus.  Applications are invited from both organisations and individuals.  The potential for growth and personal development of participants through the experience must be clearly demonstrated. Priority will be given to organisations whose group consists of a majority of young people in the16-25 year age group and who are involved in educational exchanges. Grants are offered up to a maximum of £400 per visit for groups and £50 per visit for individuals. Grants will not be provided to sports or arts groups making one-off visits abroad.

Grants are available up to 50% of the costs (course fee, accommodation and travelling), toamaximumof£100 per person, paid upon receipt of written confirmation that the applicant has attended the course.

  • Youth Work Volunteering Training Grant

This grant is to assist and encourage volunteers into training.  Applications are invited from voluntary organisations or individuals wishing to undertake relevant and accredited youth work training. Individuals must be over 16 years of age and a member of a voluntary organisation in Fife, which is recognised by Fife Council.  Organisations sending groups of volunteers to national training courses can apply for a block grant.

For more information contact:- Community Grants Team.

  • Culture Grants scheme

Fife Council’s Culture Grants scheme aims to encourage and support creativity in local communities and will support activities in the following areas:

  • Literature (includes writing, books, storytelling, readings, publishing)

  • Performance (includes theatre, performance, drama, music and dance)

  • Heritage (includes museums, libraries, archives and history)

  • Audio-visual (includes film and video, radio, new media)

  • Visual arts/crafts (includes art, painting, sculpture, crafts, design, fashion and architecture)

Who can apply?


Culture grants from £50 to £150 are available to individuals of any age, who live in Fife:

  • to take part in new cultural experiences and to make the most of the cultural opportunities on offer;

  • who want to develop their creative talent and skills, e.g. you could seek support to help you attend a short course or conference, take lessons in something you’re good at, purchase equipment or research local history.

These grants are for you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do and we will expect you to tell us how your grant helped you develop your creativity and knowledge.

Parents and guardians can apply on behalf of children in their care up to 16 years old.

Groups - Culture grants from £100 to £500 are available for groups in Fife:

  • to start or develop creative activities within the group

  • to add to your group’s experience if you already have artistic or cultural aims

  • to organise a cultural experience for group members

For advice or an informal discussion on Culture grants, please contact Verdi Clark on 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 402221 (Direct Line) or email at

  • Community Sports Grant Scheme

Fife Council’s Community Sports Grants are available to assist individuals and clubs and are available in 4 categories:

  • Individual Athlete Sports Grants

  • Coaches and Sports Officials Training Grant

  • Sports Club Development Grant

  • Sports Club Start-Up Grant

    • Individual Athlete Sports Awards

Grants are available to support individual sports people in Fife who are competing at District, Regional or National level, to help with the costs of competitions and training, e.g.

Competition fees;

To be eligible for an Athletes grant, applicants:

  • Must live in Fife;

  • Must not be eligible for lottery sports fund talented athlete programme or talented identification programme;

  • Must be participating in sports with a sportscotland recognised Governing Body;

  • Require a letter of selection or approval and endorsement by the respective National Governing Body of Sport;

  • Must submit applications prior to the training / competition commencing, as no awards will be made in retrospect.

Applicants can receive grants of up to 50% of the total costs, up to a maximum of £180 and may be subject to a random check on grant information provided.

  • Coach & Sports Officials Training Grant

Grants are available to encourage, support and promote the training and development of sports coaches and officials.  To be eligible for this scheme applicants:

Must live in Fife;

  • Must be volunteering within a sports club with a sportscotland recognised Governing Body;

  • Must provide confirmation from their Sports Club that they are attending the course for the benefit of the Club, i.e. supporting letter or email;

Must submit applications prior to the course / workshop commencing, as no awards will be made in retrospect.

Applicants can receive grants of up to 50% of the total course costs, up to a maximum of £200.


  • Sports Club Grants

There are two types of grants available to sports clubs - 'Club Development' and 'Club Start Up' and to be eligible clubs must:

  • Be constituted and have a recognised committee in place;

  • Have a club bank account;

  • Be actively operating, training and playing in Fife or setting themselves up to do so;

  • Be participating  in sports with a sportscotland recognised Governing Body;

  • Be a voluntary sports club;

  • Have their application endorsed by two committee members (one must be an office bearer).

Clubs can receive grants of up to 50% of the total costs, up to a maximum of £250.

  • Club Start-Up Grant

Grants are only available to new, voluntary sports clubs that meet the minimum ClubFife criteria, for costs associated with the setting-up of a new club (such as purchasing equipment or paying towards an initial facility hire).

  • Club Development Grant

Clubs must have successfully achieved their sportscotland recognised governing body accreditation, or Fife Council’s club accreditation scheme “ClubFife”.

Club development grants are to assist clubs achieve the aims and objectives in their development plan (e.g. new section to an existing club), but will not support a club’s general running costs such as admin, facility hire and travel.

For more information on the Community Sports Grant Scheme please contact Mandy Rossiter on 01592 583334 or email


The Out of School Childcare Grant assistance is up to a maximum of £4,000 for 2017/18; £3,500 in 2018/19 and £3,000 in 2019/20. The grant is available to constituted, non-profit distributing voluntary groups or organisations that develop and provide a registered out of school childcare service. Organisations are expected to demonstrate that they are moving towards financial stability independent of grants from Fife Childcare Services. The grant is available to support staff wages, inclusion of children with special needs, staff training, improving quality and adaptation to the physical environment. 

For further information and an application form contact: Sandra Lawrie, Business Development Officer, Fife Childcare Services on 03451 55 55 55 Ext 442136 or Email:


The Transport Grant is to assist Out of School Clubs to meet the costs of transport and escort duties incurred whilst transporting children from the school to the Out of School Care Club, a maximum of £7,000 can be applied for in 2017/18, £6,000 in 2018/19 and £5,000 in 2019/20. Organisations are expected to demonstrate that they are moving towards financial stability independent of grants from Fife Childcare Services.

For further information and an application form contact:  Sandra Lawrie, Business Development Officer, Fife Childcare Services on 03451 55 55 55 Ext 442136 or Email:

  • Tenants Groups Schemes

To help meet running costs of tenant and residents groups, such as:

  • Publicising and holding meetings
  • Responding to requests for help, from tenants and the Council
  • Producing information for those they represent
  • Keeping up to date with developments in housing
  • Organising events and initiatives that benefit their community

Contact: Jullya McVeigh Tel: 03451 555555 Ext 480271 E-mail:

  • Settlement Trusts

The following settlements have a Trust in place:

Anstruther & Cellardyke, Auchtermuchty, Auchtertool, Buckhaven & Methil, Ballingry, Burntisland , Collessie, Crail, Cupar, Culross , Dunfermline, Elie, Kennoway, Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Leslie, Leven, Falkland, Freuchie & Area, Kilconquhar, Kincardine, Kingskettle , Ladybank, Limekilns, Lochgelly, Newburgh , Pittenweem, St Andrews, St Monans, Tayport

For more information on the application Process for Settlement Trusts:-






North East Fife: 

South West Fife: 

  • Non Settlement Trusts

There are still a number of Trusts that through agreement will remain outwith the Settlement Trust structure These trusts have a range of aims and objectives. To find out if your project will qualify please visit:-



Is Fife Council’s employee charity group and operate a grants scheme on behalf of the Fife Lottery Organisation. This raises funds for charitable and community groups through the Fife Council Employee Lottery.  The average award is £500.  To access funding, charity and community groups (they do not fund individuals) must be nominated by a Fife Council employee.  The Fife Charities Trust will consider these based on specific selection criteria.  The application form and selection criteria are available on this link.

Leader in Fife Programme 2014-2020

 LEADER is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme aimed at promoting economic and community development in rural areas. LEADER is a bottom up method of delivering support for rural development which will improve the quality of life and help make rural communities more sustainable.

The 2014 - 2020 Fife Leader programme is now open and covers the areas of North East and South West Fife. Community projects, rural enterprise and farm diversification projects can apply

For more information visit or contact the Leader team at


A number of towns in Fife have a Common Good Fund which can be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of that town. The following Common Good Funds are administered by the Council:

Levenmouth Area   :- Buckhaven & Methil and Leven

Glenrothes Area      :- Leslie and Markinch

Kirkcaldy Area          :- Kirkcaldy including Dysart, Burntisland and Kinghorn

North East Fife Area:- Anstruther, Crail, Cupar, Falkland, Newburgh, Pittenweem, St Andrews and St


West Area                   :- Consolidated Fund covering Dunfermline, Culross, Inverkeithing, Rosyth.

The level of funds available varies significantly between the different Common Good Funds.

For further information contact:  Laura MacKean, Policy Officer by email or phone 03451 55 55 55 Ext 460071

  • Community £2 for £1 Rural Halls Fundraising Grant Scheme

This scheme encourages Village and Community Hall Committees to introduce and develop a fundraising programme to generate funds for planned annual projects, e.g. equipment purchase and small to medium improvements to their rural hall. For every £1 fundraised (not donated), Fife Council will match £2, up to a maximum of £780 and the calculation will be done on a pro rata basis. Applications will only be considered where pieces of work can be identified, e.g. small to medium improvements to the hall, purchase of kitchen equipment, etc. (see list below):

  • Flooring Work

  • Tiling Work to Kitchen & Toilet Areas

  • Sound System including Speakers

  • Protection Covers for lights in Main Hall

  • Heating/Ventilation system/De-humidification upgrading

  • Insulation Work

  • Purchase of Cooker/Oven

  • Purchase of Crockery & Kitchen Utensils

  • Replacement Toilet Units

  • Installation of a New Water Heater


  • Community Emergency Planning Fund

Fife Council's Community Emergency Planning funding scheme offers financial support to Community Groups/Organisations that have, in partnership with Fife Council's Emergency Resilience Team, developed a Community Emergency Plan to enhance their local community's resilience.  This plan enables the community to respond to the local impacts of disruptive incidents and emergencies even before emergency responders arrive, as well as continuing to support the response after the emergency services are on the scene. 

This funding will be used to purchase equipment to assist with the activation and maintenance of a Community's Emergency Plan.

Community Groups/Organisations can use this funding to purchase equipment that will support the activation and maintenance of their plan, such as (but not limited to):

  • High visibility jackets

  • ID cards

  • Snow shovels

  • Torches

  • Emergency communication equipment


  • Foundation Scotland

  • Express Grants

The Express Grants can help meet a wide range of costs, including general running costs such as rent or staff salaries; activities and events; equipment or materials; marketing and awareness-raising initiatives and training.

Express Grants are available between £500 - £2,000. These awards are made up of money from the many different funds we distribute on behalf of companies, individuals and charitable trusts. We match the applications we receive to the criteria of the various funds we have available at any time. These criteria determine which parts of Scotland, or which types of project any particular fund can be used for.

Because of the wide range of funds we manage we are able to support the activities of many different kinds of community groups and charities across Scotland and we welcome applications from any suitably constituted not-for-profit group.


  • Mossmorran Wind Farm Ltd, Community Fund

The Mossmorran Wind Farm Ltd Community Fund is a charitable fund to support community groups that benefit residents living in the Community Council areas of Cowdenbeath, Crossgates & Mossgreen and Hill of Beath. The Fund is provided by the company which owns and operates the Mossmorran wind farm.


  • Ventient Energy Westfield Benarty, Community Fund

The Westfield Benarty Community Fund is a charitable fund to support community groups that benefit residents living in the Benarty Community Council area. The Fund is provided by Westfield Wind Farm Limited (WWFL) the company which owns and operates the Westfield wind farm. WWFL is a subsidiary of Ventient Energy, the company that developed the wind farm.


  • Ventient Energy Westfield Cardenden, Community Benefit Fund

The Westfield Cardenden Community Fund is a charitable fund to support community groups that benefit residents living in the Cardenden Community Council area. The Fund is provided by Westfield Wind Farm Limited (WWFL) the company which owns and operates the Westfield wind farm. WWFL is a subsidiary of Ventient Energy, the company that developed the wind farm.


  • Ventient Westfield Kinglassie, Community Fund

The Westfield Kinglassie Community Fund benefits those living within the Kinglassie Community Council area in Fife. The Fund is provided by Ventient Energy, who own and operate the Westfield wind farm, and is administered by Foundation Scotland


More information:-



  • The Essentia Foundation

The Essentia Foundation is a charity that once operated Health and Social Welfare telephone counselling and information services supported by data processing and analysis in the field of public information. When the company was sold, the Essentia Foundation grantmaking programme was established.


The focus of the Essentia Foundation is on projects which demonstrate a clear fit with at least one of the following themes:

  • Social Enterprises

  • Projects supporting young people

  • Health including sexual health and mental illness

  • Education

  • Older People

Within these themes, we are particularly looking for organisations demonstrating the following:

  • strong partnerships with other statutory and voluntary sector service providers working in the field and providing complementary services

  • clear systems in place to monitor the project’s outcomes and demonstrate the difference you are making to people’s lives


You may be a community group, registered charity, Community Interest Company or Social Enterprise. However, your organisational income should not exceed £250,000 per annum. Your organisation will need to have the following elements in place prior to an application:

  • A governing document (e.g. a constitution) signed by two members of the committee

  • An active management committee of at least three people (who are not related)

  • Recent accounts signed by an independent examiner or, if you are a new group a financial projection of income and expenditure for the next year

  • A bank account in the name of the group, with at least 2 unrelated signatories

  • A safeguarding policy if working with children and/or vulnerable adults


  • Scotch Whisky Action Fund Tackling Alcohol Related Harm

The Scotch Whisky industry is and has been involved for many years in a range of initiatives to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol and tackle alcohol-related harm. The establishment of this fund by the Scotch Whisky Association is a further development of that commitment.

To invest in groups and organisations that wish to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm in Scotland's communities. We are looking to support and develop a range of projects/initiatives which deliver targeted interventions designed to tackle alcohol-related harms across three themes:

  • Young people (aged under 18)

  • Families

  • Communities



  • Preventative projects that aim to reduce the alcohol-related harm within communities, families, and young people aged 18 and under.

  • Projects that aim to educate people and communities about the dangers and consequences of mis-using alcohol.

  • The development of new, innovative projects designed to reduce alcohol-related harms.

  • Pilot projects that will test out new initiatives and ideas designed to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol consumption and prevent alcohol-misuse.

  • Projects that promote alternative leisure and lifestyle choices for adults and young people to prevent alcohol-misuse.


More info:-


  • The Volant Charitable Trust

The Volant Trust’s aim is to support women, children and young people who are at risk and facing social deprivation.

The Volant Trust furthers its aim by supporting Scottish charities and projects, whether national or community-based, which help alleviate social deprivation, particularly supporting women, children and young people at risk. Projects must demonstrate a strong focus on supporting women and children affected by hardship or disadvantage and on tackling the issues they face in order to make a lasting difference to their lives and life chances.


  • Women's Fund for Scotland

You can help the Women’s Fund have even greater impact in addressing the many challenges facing women today. With your support, our mission is to make grants to projects that encourage women’s growth, self-sufficiency and social economic equality. The Women’s Fund provides grassroots funding to charitable projects and is often the sole supporter. We support projects that meet at least one of our four investment themes:

  • Building skills and confidence,

  • improving health and well-being,

  • moving on from violence and

  • building social networks.


More information:-

  • Inspiring Scotland

 14:19 Fund

The 14:19 Fund helps some of the most disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 19 in Scotland who struggle to access employment, education or training, giving them the chance to transform their lives.

  • Link up

Through Link Up, people living in some of Scotland’s most deprived communities are working together to end generations of disadvantage and stop the cycle of poverty.

  • Go2Play

Play is vital to a child’s health and well-being and has a tangible effect on their life chances. We want every child in Scotland to have the opportunity to play.

  • Intandem

Intandem supports some of Scotland’s most vulnerable young people by helping them to build a consistent, trusting relationship with a positive adult role-model.

  • Cash back for communities

CashBack for Communities is a Scottish Government programme which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.