Better World Books

Over 900,000 pre-loved books collected in Fife!  

In 2013 Dunfermline based Better World Books launched their book bank programme in Fife. Since then Fife communities have been dropping off their pre-loved books when they need to make space on their bookshelves.

In December a huge milestone was reached: 900,000 books collected!

The books are collected by Rosyth-based Love Waste and Logistics and are delivered to Better World Books to be processed. The Better World Books team are passionate about finding new homes for pre-loved books.

The books are sold online across 10 marketplaces and on Every book sold generates funding for literacy. In the case of Fife, funding supports Scottish Book Trust. Books that cannot be sold are donated or recycled. No books go to landfill.

There are currently eleven book banks in Fife Council recycling centres. To find your nearest book bank visit If you are interested in hosting a book bank please contact

To find out more about the impact of book purchases and book donations visit

Better World Books can be followed on Twitter @BWBUK